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When was the last time that you had the interior of your house? If you look around and there are a lot of cracks in your walls and marks and scrapes, chances are it has been a while. A lot of people have a firm belief in their ability to get this job done on their own. Getting through a room is simple enough, but a whole house or building? At Santa Fe Painters, we can help you paint all of those hard-to-reach places. We service all residents of New Mexico, including Santa Fe NM, Lamy NM, and nearby towns and cities in New Mexico. Contact us today and get an interior house painting estimate for free!

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We get this question a lot, and we almost feel like that lollipop commercial about the number of licks that it took to get to the center. We’re sure that you remember it! The reason that we bring this up, though is because there is no set number of coats that are going to be just right for everything. When it comes to painting the house interior, different types of surfaces are going to require more or less paint. Also, the type of paint that we are going to be using will play a factor as well!


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Are you looking at your walls and thinking it is time for a repaint? Wondering when the best time to do it is? When it comes to interior painting, we can help you paint your new wall or repaint your interior, be it winter or summer. There are certain signs that could be telling you that the time for a paint job is approaching. If you see that the interior color is getting dull or just plan to give your home interior a fresh new look, give us a call.


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When you are painting your house exterior, it is usually a lot easier to just put a ladder right next to the building and get to all of those hard-to-reach places. We really cannot say the same with painting indoors. A lot of times, the type of floors you have could put us potentially in awkward positions. To be able to cover these hard-to-reach places, we may have to alter our painting technique. It would have to be something completely strange for us to tell you that we can’t reach that one place. In fact, you are welcome to test us on that. Go ahead and give us a call or contact us!

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Painting your house interior is a job that we don’t take lightly, and it is pretty much why we like to really plan our painting strategy. First, we are happy to inspect your home to see if it needs repairs before painting and give you free painting consultation. Once you decide on the right color for your interior, we can also help you prepare your home before painting your interior. So that when we are done, you can sit back and enjoy the results. Dial 505-375-6920 to set up a consultation.

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