Wood Restoration, Staining, and Sealing

Santa Fe Painters Wood Restoration for Deck, Garage Door, Portals, etc.

When you have a wooden feature, you usually can’t do the restoration project the exact same as you would treat drywall or even concrete. That is one of the reasons we always say that we can’t tell you how many coats of paint your project needs without seeing it first. Each surface is different and should be treated as such. With wood, we are going to have to stain it or use varnish. Again, it really depends on the surface itself and its current state. What better way to get this process completed, though, than to bring in the help of Santa Fe Painters?



At Santa Fe Painters, we inspect the status of the surface areas we need to work on. After we complete the inspection, we’re free to come in and start applying stain or paint the wood, as well as other areas, and repair any damages. Be it for painting or for any job you hire us for, we also do this because not all of the issues are going to be the same. Therefore, there is no one solution to everything. A major part of what we do is assess the damage correctly so that we can come up with the right way to get things back to where they need to be!

Inspection Before Restoration - Santa Fe Painters

The most important part of a wood restoration process is to actually follow the process in the proper manner. Whether to use stain or paint can be a hurdle to think through. We’ll help you envision your desired look and guide you on which option is best for your surface.

When To Stain, When To Paint - Santa Fe Painters

Decks are one of those areas that we love to work on because we know how much enjoyment and relaxation the space brings. Of course, when we do work on decks, our goal is to have them fully restored when we are done. We will not only be able to stain the deck, but we will also be able to handle small carpentry issues that may come up. So you can bet that you will be in good hands.

Deck Restoration - Santa Fe Painters

Speaking from personal experience, it isn’t very pleasant to come up to a door that has just been refinished and get varnish or paint on your hands. For the most part, we are going to ask that you stay off the deck and touch the door as little as you can for the next couple of days to allow plenty of drying time.

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