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Wood Restoration, Staining and Sealing

Santa Fe Wood Restoration, Staining, and Sealing (Deck, Garage Door, Portals, etc.)

When you have a wooden product you mostly can’t treat them the exact same as you would treat drywall or even concrete. That is one of the reasons we always say that we can’t give you an average number of paint layers that we are going to add right off the top of our head. Each surface is different and should be treated as such. With wood, we are going to have to stain it or use varnish. Again, it really depends on the surface itself and its current state. What better way to get this process completed though than to bring in a pro painting company! 

Santa Fe NM Wood Restoration Staining and Sealing


The easiest thing for us would be to come in and just start applying stain to the wood and, as we have said in other areas, try and mask a lot of the problems. Not all of the issues are going to be the same, therefore, there is no one solution to everything. A major part of what we do is assess the damage correctly so that we can come up with the right way to get things back to where they need to be! 

The most important part of a restoration process is to actually follow the process in the proper manner. Not just because you are using some type of stain means that you are going to be able to obtain the desired results. At the same time, although we believe that actual paint is not always the answer, it can help put the final touches on a project. A lot of people though tell us that they don’t want to do any work on their doors because what we are going to do is going to alter the entire look of the structure. That is a valid concern we are going to do our best to make sure that we are matching colors properly.

Decks are one of those areas that we love to work on because we really believe that if we do a good job, we can have a high impact on the area. Of course, when we do work on decks our goal is to have them fully restored when we are done. We are not only going to be able to stain the deck we are also going to be able to handle small carpentry issues that may come up. So you can bet that you will be in good hands. 

Speaking from personal experience it is really irritating to come up to a door that has just been refinished and getting your hands full of varnish or whatever it is that we are using. For the most part, we are going to ask that you stay off the deck and touch the door as little as you can for the next couple of days to be able to obtain the best results.