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Santa Fe is a city in the state of New Mexico and it’s also the capital of the state. It is known as being an art city and is home to just under 86,000 residents. In 2012, Santa Fe was ranked in the top 10 for the best cities to retire in, in the US.

Santa Fe has great museums, visual arts and are also known to have an affiliation with science and technology. It is riddled with history and has many historic sites in and around the city, including the Loretto Chapel. There are many nature walks and historic parks with historic sites scattered along them. You can find Ancient Native American ruins, or even visit very old adobe and European style churches. Santa Fe has the oldest public building in the United States, the Palace of the Governors, as well as the site of the nation’s oldest community celebration, the Santa Fe Fiesta.

We are happy to look after and service the residents of Santa Fe.

At Sante Fe Painters, we are a company proud of our work. We specialise in painting services, and can paint both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial buildings. We also offer power washing, carpentry and wood restoration, staining and sealing services to suit your every need. We have years of experience and look forward to providing you with affordable and quality service.

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