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Santa Fe Area Exterior House Painting Services

We are of the mindset that it would be wrong for us to want to treat the work that we do on interiors the same as how we work on exteriors and vice versa. The reason that we say that is because the challenges that each paint job is going to face are going to be different. On interiors, the issues are going to be coming from the inside out. Water and moisture that is running through the wall may bleed to the other side onto the paint. On exteriors, we are dealing with the sun and dirt particles, as well as rain and other climate issues. We know how to tackle them correctly.

Santa Fe NM Exterior House Painting Service


If you are a person who watches infomercials there is a good chance that at one point or another you have come across a paint sprayer that basically is advertised as working magic. This has led a lot of people to believe that what we do is just use a paint sprayer and that our job is easy. That is not exactly the case though, at least not with us. We usually have a combination of methods that we use to paint, including the old school brush methods.

When you are out on a very sunny day and you really don’t want to get burned by the sun you would use sunscreen right? So, here in Santa Fe, houses and buildings are going to be exposed to a lot of sun all throughout the year. We are not saying that we are going to go ahead and put some sunscreen on the buildings, but we are going to use a special type of paint that can protect buildings that are sitting outside and are getting hit by the elements all day. Again, the paint we use indoors and the one that we use outdoors is not the same.

Very rarely do we see homes or buildings that are basically perfect squares. Most of the times we are going to be dealing with awkward shapes that are going to have a certain level of difficulty when it comes to getting them fully painted. If you need help with a paint job on a building that you know is kind of awkward looking, be sure to give us a call. We will find a way to cover the area.

We have been in business long enough to have heard a lot of different requests and questions from clients. One of our favorites is when people ask us how much it would cost to paint their whole house and then they want to know what the price per wall is. So they start to break it down to the point where they want to paint this wall and not that wall. Whatever you need us to paint we will try and give you a fair price, you can count on that. We are also offering commercial painting service.