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Tesuque is a town in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. It has a population of 1,008, as of the 2019 census. This town is close to the Tesuque Pueblo, a member of the Eight Northern Pueblos. Pueblo people were originally from the Tewa Ethnic Group of Native Americans and speak the Tewa language. 

Tesuque is a Spanish alteration of the Tewa name, Te Tesugeh Oweengeh, which means the “Village of the Narrow place of the Cottonwood Trees.” It was considered the state’s smallest pueblos, having a population of approximately 800. 

Tesuque, New Mexico, encompasses more than 17,000 acres, including Aspen Ranch and Vigil Land Grant High, in Santa Fe National Forest near Santa Fe Ski Area. There are numerous exquisite artists at Tesuque that creates paintings, pottery, and sculptures. Silverwork and traditional clothing are also famous in this town.


Brief History

Tesuque is a Spanish adaptation of the Tewa place name ‘Tat’, which means ‘Cottonwood Place’. The Tesuque Creek watershed and bottomlands in modern-day Tesuque Village are part of the Tewa-speaking people of the Pueblo of Tesuque’s ancestral and traditional landscape. Archaic hunter-gatherers camped along the floodplain for almost 4,000 years before the ancestral Puebloan farming communities dating back to 900 and 950 AD.

When the Spaniards arrived in Northern New Mexico at the end of the sixteenth century, the Pueblo of Tesuque was already populated. In August 1680, the people in Pueblo of Tesuque planned and promoted a rebellion against the Spanish colonists. The rebellion expelled Spanish colonists, administration, and mission priests for thirteen years.

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Other than the rich history in Tesuque, locals and tourists can also enjoy the famous Camel Rock Monument. It is a landmark between Santa Fe and Espanola and is a notable attraction in northern New Mexico. This unique formation just off the highway, which without much imagination, does undoubtedly look like a camel sitting down. 

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