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Commercial Painting

Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting in Santa Fe

The thing that changes the most when it comes to commercial versus residential painting is obviously the size of the project at hand. With commercial painting, we are going to have to plan things out correctly so that we are able to cover the whole building piece by piece. At times, that is actually not that bad, because for smaller projects we may lose a lot of time waiting for the paint to dry before we can apply another coating. In larger projects, we are going to be able to continue working all the time.

Santa Fe NM Commercial Painting Service


The best thing that we have to offer for these types of services is our crew. We have a number of certified painters on the payroll precisely for these types of jobs. What happens with smaller companies or handymen is that when they are faced with a large task they are going to have to outsource their crew members. This can be difficult because you may not be getting people with enough experience on the job. If we are talking about painting in high places or anything that could be considered difficult, this could really hurt the final result. That is not something that we are going to want to see happening.    

This issue is one that we typically tussle over with clients on large projects. We are not against having a discussion on the matter. What we can say though is that we have been in the business for a long time and in that time we have been able to really determine the amount of paint that we are going to use per project. At the end of the day, it does us no good to buy extra paint either. No matter what some people tend to believe. So if we are asking for a certain amount of paint, we are doing so for the benefit of the project.

If you have read through the site you know by now that we are able to paint interiors and exteriors on homes. The same thing goes for commercial projects. When we are talking about certain buildings, they can actually end up being more oddly shaped than some of the homes that we deal with. A major part of our job is being able to cover those hard to reach areas with the proper amount of paint coatings. That is exactly what we are going to intend to do!

We don’t get an excessive amount of rain per year in the Santa Fe area. We would say that the only bad time to paint outdoors would be when it is raining. Since this is going to make it really hard for the paint to dry and things like that. We also know that there are times where you just are not able to speed up construction so we are going to have to paint basically whenever it is that you are ready. If we had to pick though, we would paint without rain. We also offer power washing service.