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Where the Great Outdoors Await!

Pecos is a village in San Miguel County, New Mexico. The village is located along Route 66 and was built along the Pecos River, which flows out of the Santa Fe National Forest. Today, the population of Pecos is about 1,400 people, growing much faster than in other parts of San Miguel County, partly because Pecos is within commuting distance of Santa Fe. 


There is more opportunity for adventure in Pecos, New Mexico, than anywhere else in the Southwest. As the home of Pecos National Historical Park, the idyllic Pecos River, colorful aspen groves, and winding mountain trails, this area is the ultimate getaway to the outdoors. Pecos is also a gateway to the Pecos Wilderness, where you can go hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping.

Pecos is a gateway allowing travel from the Great Plains to Santa Fe through the Southern Rocky Mountains. A weekend isn’t quite enough time to experience all that Pecos has to offer, but you can certainly get close. The history, the culture, the beauty, and the diversity of the Pecos region all serve as a tremendous backdrop for all there is to experience and do here. 


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Santa Fe Painters truly admires the pristine wilderness and historical relics of the beautiful town of Pecos. And, because we love and admire Pecos, we would love to be of great service to the entire community by providing professional painting services. Our services are rooted in our commitment to delivering precise, beautiful, and long-lasting paint jobs for your home or business. Our professional painters use only the highest quality primers and paints and are well-trained in taking the necessary precautions to safely work with lead-based paint surfaces. 

Commercial Painting in Pecos NM Santa Fe Painters
Carpentry Trim Repairs in Pecos NM Santa Fe Painters

The type of work we do the most here at Santa Fe Painters involves painting houses or other types of buildings. With our residential painting service, we can give your home a fresh coat of paint that will restore its luster, inside and out! We also provide commercial painting services to business owners in Pecos, NM. We paint the interior and exterior of commercial buildings such as medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail stores, business offices, industrial buildings, churches, and many others.

Wondering about more of our services? We also offer power washing, carpentry and trim repair, and wood restoration, staining, and sealing. On top of painting solutions, our power washing service can really help get those hard-to-reach areas and remove all of the dirt from your walls. Our carpentry and trim repair service is just what you need if you’re dealing with carpentry issues such as broken tables and cabinets, doors that are sinking, or drawers that don’t open! Lastly, we can also work on fully restoring, staining, and sealing wooden products such as your deck using our tried and proven process. A big part of what we do is correctly assessing the damage so that we can figure out how to get things back to where they need to be!

If you live in Pecos or own property nearby, please contact us anytime at (505) 375-6920 to discuss the best options for your painting needs!