Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home

So, you’ve made the decision to sell your house? What happens next?

You’ll have to clean up your house. Remove the photos from the wall. Remove any personal items and furnishings, and most importantly, replace the paint.

After many years of living in your house, you get it painted to your liking. You adore it, and you added your creative touch to the paints, but it’s a different issue now that you intend to sell it.

Realtors recommend that you repaint the walls to give them a fresh look and appeal to possible home buyers. You want it to look clean and inviting. Furthermore, investing in new paint is the wisest choice if you are working with a limited budget for your home staging.

Potential home buyers will constantly notice the color of your home as well as the mood they experience when they visit their future home. “Do you think this house emanates a pleasant atmosphere?” “Is it necessary to repaint it?” will undoubtedly pop into their minds. It is critical to pick the proper hue for home staging to prevent any room for complaints.

Below are a few home staging paint colors to consider when selling your property.

Use Neutral Paint Colors for the Interior

Painting your home with neutral colors can tickle the imagination of potential home buyers. These colors make your home feel like a blank canvas for the buyer’s furniture and style. It is also best suited for smaller homes with tight square footage. Neutral colors make the house less crowded. They reflect light which makes the house feel bigger than it actually is.

According to experts, most homeowners tend to choose white and cream colors, and they strongly recommend them for home staging. Other than that, warm neutrals, earthy tones, and neutrals with a mix of accent bold colors are also recommended. They are the best-suited paints for your living room, bedroom, and your entry room to invite warmth and give that homey feeling.

Use Neutral Paint Colors for the Interior-Interior Painting Service in Santa Fe, NM
Use Neutral Paint Colors for the Interior House Painting Service in Eldorado, NM-Santa Fe Painters

Use White Carefully in Your House’s Interior

Use White Carefully in Your Houses-Interior House Painting Service in Espanola, NM

You might think white would be the best thing to paint all over your house for home staging, but that thought is wrong. Yes, it’s neutral, makes the room bright, and reflects light; however, too much of it can make the house look boring and lifeless. It can make your home feel more like a hospital than a home. Thus, you should use white sparingly and use it where it serves its purpose the most. You can use it to paint your bathrooms or kitchen to give off that clean and safe atmosphere.

Choose a Palette that Match your Floors

Are you still not sure what to use for your home staging? Then, you can use your floors to decide.

If your floors are carpet or wood, you should choose paints that suit the colors of carpet or stain. You can use white, gray, or green (trending color for 2022) if it matches your floorings. You can also choose beige or griege, which is the safest pick if you are unsure about your paints.

Choose a Palette that Match your Floors - Santa Fe NM Painters

Freshen Up Your Exterior

First impressions always last. The same goes for home selling.

Freshen Up Your Exterior - Santa Fe Painters

The first thing homebuyers see when they try to search for a home is the exterior. Thus, you need to paint to exteriors should be eye-catching and inviting.

One way of doing it is by repainting your door. It can serve as a statement piece for your home staging. You can paint it with bold colors, especially when you have a white or off-white exterior which are popular shades for home exteriors. Black, shades of blue, sage green, gray, and other bold hues are recommended paints for your door. You can follow the trend around town or consult a professional house painting contractor in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Choose the Right Paint Finish

Choose the Right Paint Finish - Santa Fe Painters

Now that you have decided on the colors you want for your home staging, next you need to choose the right finish. There are three good choices of paint finishes you can use for your interior walls; these are gloss, satin or eggshell finishes. A glossy finish suits the kitchen and bathroom. Satin can be used for common areas with large spaces like the living room. Lastly, the eggshell finishes are mostly used for bedrooms or intimate places where they are less traffic.

Paint the Trim

Paint the Trim - Santa Fe Painters

You can take home staging one step further by painting your trim. Most home sellers forget this and only focus on painting the walls and ceiling. However, you should not forget to paint your trim. It will make the wall color pop. You can paint them in shades of white with a gloss or sheen.

Choose the Best House Painting Services in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Choose the Best House Painting Services in Santa Fe New Mexico-Santa Fe Painters

Choosing the right paint colors for your home staging can increase your home value resulting in higher offers or higher selling prices. If you are still not sure which color to go with, Santa Fe Painters can help.

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