Why Winter is the Best Time to Paint the Interior Walls

There are so many reasons why a lot of people love winter. Most people consider it as the best season of the year. There is never a shortage of fun activities during the winter months, from celebrating the holidays to going on skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. The Black Friday shopping and exciting sales are an indication that wintertime is coming. It is also the best time to be creative and decorate your homes.

Speaking of home decorations, new paint is a great idea. When it comes to the painting project, winter is probably not the first season that comes to mind. The cold and dark conditions of winter make it less than desirable for exterior paint jobs or renovations. But interior painting in the winter can offer benefits, as long as proper precautions are taken. To pull off the interior painting job, make sure to use the best paint and tools. Choose a paint that is ideal for interior walls and does not emit an unpleasant odor.

What are the reasons why winter is the best time to paint the interior of your home?

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Less humidity

Keep in mind that humidity and temperature have an impact on painting jobs. If the environment has more humidity, it can cause peeling off or cracking of paint in the future. This condition makes it difficult for the paint to dry and adhere to the wall. On the other hand, the limited air moisture during winter allows the paint to stick well to the wall and making its life last longer.


When the weather is nice, painters are busy with the exterior jobs. It can be extremely difficult to make an appointment during the spring, summer, or fall. But during the cold months, painters have a flexible schedule. There is a higher chance of getting your project done on your timeline. 

A more relaxed spring or summer

You can enjoy the weather during the spring or summer if the painting project is done in colder months. It can be tiring and messy to paint the interior especially during summertime which makes it frustrating and stressful. Paint the interior of your home during winter for a hassle-free relaxing spring or summer. 

Pricing Advantages

Contrary to the beliefs of other people about the painting job prices in the winter months, most painting companies offer lower prices and discounts during this season. These companies encourage customers to schedule interior projects to keep their schedules full. Some offer a bigger discount if you book in advance. 

Less time needed to finish the project

Paint dries faster at low temperatures because of the cold, dry air. There is a slim possibility of accidentally touching the paint and smudging the wall. The quicker the paint dries, the less time is needed to finish the project, which makes the job less expensive. 

You Can Count on Santa Fe Painters

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