What Should I Look For In A Painting Contractor?

Whether it is precise inside work or a total exterior makeover, house painting is a project that should be done properly the first time. However, there are hundreds of house painters to select from, making selecting the correct one a daunting task.

What are the qualities of the best house painters? Santa Fe Painters has the answers. We listed five things you should look for to help you find the most suitable contractor for your needs.

Excellent Recommendations from Customers

Most painters will be able to provide you with references from previous clients. So, take a moment to double-check those. Then, give the person a call and have a brief conversation about their experience.

If it is an external job, see if it is okay if you come by. Have a look at the outside of their home. Take whatever steps are necessary to acquire a feel of how the painting contractor will act while working on your property.

Online Reviews are Generally Positive

Check your potential paint contractor’s online reputation. But take note that reviews on the internet should be treated with a grain of salt. After all, there are two sides to every story. Believe your instincts when it comes to internet reviews. If a review feels genuine to you, trust it.

A painting contractor with a solid online reputation is likely to be a good painting contractor in real life as well.

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Recommendations from Friends and Neighbors 

Consulting with others who have hired a painting contractor is the quickest approach to discover one. If you have friends who have already employed painting professionals, ask them about their experiences. Then, inquire who they would recommend for your house too.

Consider word of mouth. It is a painting contractor’s most effective type of promotion. And those who do the best job generally get the most recommendations.

Good Interview Answers

Though you will not keep them on the phone for hours, any interested painting contractor will take the time to talk to you. They will ask you a few questions about what you want and answer a few of your own.

A house painter’s professionalism is demonstrated via excellent communication. Developing a positive relationship with your painter also allows you to share your objectives and expectations. The success of your house exterior painting project will rely heavily on available communication methods and skills.

The Types Of Paint They Use

Repainting your house is an exciting project. However, it is not something you want to do every few months. Learn about the paints that the contractor uses. Many painters recommend that you ask whether the paints are certified as lead-free. Quality paints ensure that the walls will last a long time before needing to be repainted.

A Comprehensive Assessment

Get an estimate from your potential painting contractor as the last step. Finally, speak with the individual who will be doing the job directly. Remember the questions and concerns discussed in this blog. With this knowledge, you will be able to ask intelligent questions and determine whether or not the painter is a good fit for the position based on their responses. 

It is important to note that these are only estimates. The final cost might be more or cheaper based on various factors. However, having a rough notion of how much you will spend will be a critical determining element.

Pro tip: While cost should not be the deciding element, it may influence the quality and coverage of the project. To determine a fair price for your paintwork, compare multiple offers from various companies. As a general rule, get two or three estimates, each with a full breakdown of the items on the estimate.

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