What are the Different Types of House Paint?

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Just because your favorite color is blue doesn’t mean you should choose any blue paint. For the best results and a successful house painting project, it’s better to check out the different types of home paints and finishes available for you to choose from. Color is just one thing to know about paints which makes your choice the most suitable for your home. Let’s learn something more important than the shade on the list below.

5 Types of Paints and Finishes for House Painting

5 Types of Paints and Finishes - Santa Fe Painters, NM

Aside from the color that you want, here are the five major types of paints and finishes you might want to get to know more about.

· Oil-based

Oil-based house Paint - Santa Fe Painters, NM

This type of paint is every professional painter’s favorite for its durability, affordability, and reliability. It is sometimes called the “solvent-based” paint as well. Even after a few years, you’ll be amazed to see that it still looks the same without any sign of damage or wear.

· Matte

Matte Paint - Santa Fe Painters, NM

The ever so slightly glossy type of paint is usually mistaken for flat paint is matte. This paint is more durable than flat and is suitable for high-traffic areas. Another benefit is when you paint your ceiling with matte paint, it will last longer than flat paint. The durability of this paint will save you money as you won’t have to repaint because of wear. It can even hide the imperfections and damages on any surface much easier than other paints.

· Eggshell

Eggshell Paint - Santa Fe Painters, NM

For the perfect decorative finish for your walls and ceiling, the eggshell is the way to go. It gives low luster, is easy to clean, and does not fade away when you wash your walls. If you are someone who doesn’t like much gloss in the paints around your home, using this type is best. It’s durable and can stand the test of time if applied the right way.

· Satin

Satin Paint - Santa Fe Painters, NM

This paint creates that velvety, smooth look for almost any room in your home. Some people think that this is just the same as eggshell, yet the main difference between them is the less glossy effect it creates. Satin paint is a great choice for homeowners looking for an affordable paint that’s very durable and can be enjoyed for many years without any hassle. Lastly, this paint is not too glossy but also not too flat—the perfect balance.

· Semi-gloss

Semi gloss House Painting - Santa Fe Painters, NM

The best choice for painting the wet areas of your home, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, is semi-gloss paint as it can hold up very well from scrubbing. The catch, however, is that if your walls have imperfections, they can be highlighted when semi-gloss paint is applied. This type also dries so hard that it is great for woodwork.

· High-gloss

High gloss House Painting - Santa Fe Painters, NM

High-gloss paints are highly recommended for painting wood surfaces such as doors, cabinets, and trim. It creates a shiny, stain-resistant effect on any surface when applied. No more worrying about splatters of sauce and other dirt because high-gloss paints are here to help you out. Spots and stains are easy to clean and remove. High gloss paint is very attractive and useful in various situations. This is often used to paint furniture, cabinets, and fireplaces.

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Factors to Consider in House Painting


Traffic on house painting - Santa Fe Painters, NM

The durability of paint can be tested through the amount of traffic it will experience. Places like the playroom and the kitchens are the areas where the most durable paints should be applied, like satin and semi-gloss paints. Whereas, it’s fine to use eggshell or flat paints for areas like the dining room and bedroom.

Paint Sheen

Paint Sheen - Santa Fe Painters, NM

This pertains to the glossiness and no-shine effect of paint. For darker rooms, no-shine or flat paints are the perfect match, while for rooms that need some brightening up, shiny paints are recommended.

Imperfections on the Surface

Imperfections on the Surface - Santa Fe Painters, NM

Some paints can help cover up the imperfections or damages to a surface. Expert painters say that for walls that have lots of issues that must not be emphasized, using non-shiny like matte or flat paints will bring great results. Shiny paints simply make those damages more obvious.

Where Can You Find the Best Painters in Santa Fe?

Where Can You Find the Best Painters in Santa Fe - Santa Fe Painters, NM

Anyone can paint a wall or ceiling, but not everyone can do it perfectly in a long-lasting, safe, and budget-friendly way. Many more beautiful things can be achieved if you have everything painted properly. With the right stroke of the brush, type of paint, and right finishes, you can get the ideal look that you desire for your property.

Santa Fe Painters guarantee excellent house painting services through our years of experience and many happy and satisfied Santa Fe area customers. No job is complete until the customer is completely satisfied. In return for your trust, we offer to assist you in choosing the color and finish that’s the perfect type of house paint to use.

Paint adds life and meaning to even the smallest corner of a room. If you’re unsure what type will show off your personality as the homeowner, seeking help and advice from the house painting experts is always key. Here at Santa Fe Painters is where you’ll get peace of mind. Let us know when you’re ready to get started by giving us a call at 505-375-6920.