The Traditional Southwest Style Can be Yours

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Are you drawn to the classic Southwestern style of a home?  With some updates and some basic knowledge, you can create a warm and classic look throughout your home.
Classic Southwest style is unique in a beautiful way.  It is warm and welcoming, and neutral. It is a combination of Native American and Spanish styles that include natural colors, worn woods and crafted metals. Pastels are not commonly seen in a classic southwest style room. The feel is bright but understated within the walls of the home.  The accessories, furniture and deco are not truly contemporary but somehow stylish.  And at the same time not entirely traditional but old and with a mix of current style.  Commonly a stucco wall is a  backdrop for handcrafted pottery or a classic painting with decorative tin.
The use of bold colors along with the muted is the essence of southwest design.  It’s not about the apparent accent piece but the idea of creating a warm yet vibrant space. Gold, red, orange, and bright blue are often on walls. Accessories are handcrafted tile work, tile work and often Native American tapestries.
Another common feature is that the furniture is painted with solid colors and then distressed to create the warm feeling associated with the style. The idea is to make the furniture appear old by allowing the finish to show through in a subtle way. The method of sanding, using chains, and hammers allow the appearance of a unique surface.  There is also a product that crackles the paint to reveal the wood beneath.
Different types of wooden pieces are also commonly a part of Southwestern style inspired homes. Usually, honey colored or other dark brown finishes are part of the look to embrace the connection of nature. Tables and chairs are often made with heavy legs, allowing them to appear sturdy yet prominent in the room. You will see painted furniture in the inspired room with a white or creamy tone to add a nice soft touch.   Some great colors to blend into the furniture are red, lime green and cobalt blue. Tables and armoires become conversation starters and create visual interest.
Handcrafted wrought iron and other ornate metals are widely used in the exterior of southwestern style homes. You can also see inspired shelf brackets, doorknobs, hooks and wall art with the metals. Many handcrafted, hand-painted pottery and sculpted pieces are more noticeable by placing it on a wrought iron stand in a corner.
One of the most popular features is pottery.  It is a crucial element in the tradition of southwestern style homes. The most commonly used pottery for accenting is terracotta, an easily manipulated porcelain material that artists can use endlessly for their work. Commonly, terracotta is seen as a rusty-orange that is to inspire the desert sunset. It can be worked on in its natural state, hand painted, or a little of both to produce a design of pottery that is an integral element in Southwest design.
Handcrafted Mexican tiles used for backsplashes, on floors and tabletops, patios, and bathrooms are another well-known element of Southwestern design.  It is usually an intricate pattern that is infused with bright, colorful designs. If you plan on incorporating Mexican tiles in your room, look for handcrafted tiles instead of machine crafted ones. With handcrafted tiles, no two are alike, adding additional visual interest.

Santa Fe Painters The Traditional Southwest Style Can be Yours

The updates to your home with some of these inspiring ideas will not only update your home but create a peaceful and welcoming environment for your family.
Reach out to Santa Fe Painting Pros for some inspiration and let the imagination flow.