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For some time there was actually a narrative being passed around that pressure washing companies and paint companies did not get along. That actually may be true to some degree. If you as a professional or as a company can only offer to either wash or paint an area to better its overall look you are limiting the client completely. Our thought in incorporating this service to our line up was basically, we know that painting is not going to be the only solution. If that were true you would see us recommend that you paint your house every couple of months. So we couldn’t really say those things with a straight face.

Santa Fe NM Power Washing Service Santa Fe Painters


What happens a lot of times with pressure washing companies is that they are just going to go in and push water out in full force. Of course, you are going to see a lot of the dirt start coming right off. That is great, but a lot of times this type of cleaning is going to involve a process and it is something that we believe should not be taken lightly. We can help really get to those hard to reach areas and remove all of the dirt from your walls. 

When it comes to power washing we think that most people envision it as something that is done outdoors so you really don’t have to worry too much about where the water is going and those types of things. Of course, this is something that we can do and we are going to get to in a bit. Yet, we want to talk about washing indoor areas. If you need to wash walls and floors indoors we are also able to help. We will make sure that we plan the service accordingly so that we don’t make a mess!

As we have said before we don’t believe that power washing is just about taking a high powered hose aiming it at a building and hoping for the best. We truly believe that there is, or at least there should be, more to it. Our power washing services are done with extreme care to make sure that we don’t make a mess in the process, but also so that we don’t leave any dirt or stains behind. Even in some of those hard to reach places a lot of people could just basically give up on, to be honest.

We are mostly going to want to use the water from the place that we are working in. So if we are talking about your house, we will ask to plug into your home. If you are not happy with us doing that, we may be able to find other types of solutions to that issue. With that said, our services are not going to have a significant impact on your bill you can be sure of that.