Interior Color Selection Tips

Interior Color - Santa Fe Painters

Interior painting is a popular choice for home improvement. However, even though it is something many people dream of doing, it is not an easy task. To get your paint job done, you will have to make selections from a variety of color options available. So how do you know what your dream color is? […]

Why Winter is the Best Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home

Why Winter is the Best Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home-Santa Fe Painters Espanola, NM

There are so many reasons why a lot of people love winter. Most people consider it as the best season of the year. There is never a shortage of fun activities during the winter months, from celebrating the holidays to going on skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. The Black Friday shopping and exciting sales are […]

Stained Trim versus Painted Trim

Painted trim

Renew the indoor and outdoor look of your property today! A fresh coat of paint can revitalize the appearance of any wall, ceiling, floor, or room in your house. Who doesn’t appreciate living or working in a place colored with just the right hue? Old and worn-out paint makes any property look dull and uninteresting. […]

The Traditional Southwest Style Can be Yours

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Are you drawn to the classic Southwestern style of a home?  With some updates and some basic knowledge, you can create a warm and classic look throughout your home. Classic Southwest style is unique in a beautiful way.  It is warm and welcoming, and neutral. It is a combination of Native American and Spanish styles that […]

Common Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Santa Fe Painters - Common Painting Mistakes To Avoid

 So you’ve decided to paint a room or hallway in your home. You might consider tackling the job yourself rather than hire residential painters. Before you do, consider a few mistakes people make in painting rooms. 1. Purchasing Cheap Brushes and Rollers A home improvement store trip may convince you to buy cheap brushes and rollers, but […]