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Carpentry (Trim/Repairs)

Carpentry Repairs and Trim in Santa Fe, NM Area

This is another one of those services that we have added over the years in order to complement what we are able to offer as a company. As we talked about with our power washing services, this service came as a result of the idea that painting is not the only thing that you can do to update a fixture or an area. We get to work on a number of things, like cabinets, for example. So, if we were just to repaint, but we wouldn’t repair the actual cabinet, are we really doing you any favors? We really believed that we actually weren’t! 

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One of the main issues that people will come across when they have wooden structures repaired is that the people who make the repairs will bring in very low-quality wood and other materials. What they are going to want to do is mask the cheap wood with a heavy paint job. We are going to let you know exactly what type of materials are being used on your wooden surfaces so that there is no chance that you go through this issue. Basically, you are going to have to sign off on what we can or cannot use!

There is really no shame or no reason why we would hide this. Most of the carpentry issues that we will handle in homes have to do with cabinets. As we have said before there is really no point in trying to redo cabinets that are still falling apart. So what we do is we make sure you don’t have any doors that are basically sinking and drawers that don’t open. When we are done with that then we will be able to repaint or stain the wooden cabinets to give them that final finish that you are probably looking for.

Tables are also one of those fixtures that people look for us to fix for them. What we really want to do is make sure that we are able to even them out. If you have been to a restaurant or you have a table at home that is kind of longer on one leg than the other, you get what we are talking about. We also work on the actual front face of the table. We can apply varnish stain or different products and even sand it, if need be. 

In the last paragraph, we found ourselves trying to give some solutions to a wide variety of problems based on past experiences.  All we want to say to finish out the page is that if you have a problem with a wooden structure you can come to us. If we believe that the issue beyond what we are going to be able to handle, then we will let you know and we can bring in one of our colleagues.